Future Proofing Your Pilates Studio

Future Proofing Your Pilates Studio

Most Align-Pilates equipment is developed with your future in mind. Of course, over time we will make improvements to our range as the needs of our customers changes however, our designing will always incorporate your potential for future expansion.

Most current accessories can always be backdated to older models of equipment. For example, an accessory such as a platform extender mattress or extension legs will always still fit your model even in 5 years’ time. Similarly, the Full Trapeze or Half Trapeze mounting brackets for an Align-Pilates commercial reformer should not change. Therefore, these can be ordered many years after your initial reformer purchase.

Case study:

Customer: Leap Health and Wellbeing.

After running a successful studio with 15 Align-Pilates C2 Pro for 5 years, Leap Health and Wellbeing found the need to install a full trapeze frame to add diversity for their clients. Pilates Reformers Australia was then able to attend and install the full trapeze frame on top of their existing C2 Pro model.

Included with the installation was the small platform extender mattress and larger mattress conversion which quickly and easily turns the reformer into a flat bed. By incorporating the removable shoulder pads and pulley riser poles, the reformer quickly works just like a full trapeze.

Another benefit is the reformer is still fully functional even with the full trapeze frame now mounted on top.

The benefit for our client was a relatively low expense to add this addition 5 years after the initial purchase.

Photo: Leap Health and Wellbeing Studio