AeroPilates Accessories

AeroPilates Accessories


    Pilates Reformers Australia - Your leading AeroPilates supplier. Experience the benefits of AeroPilates with our foldable 4 Cord Pilates Reformer. Affordable and versatile for home workouts. Access training videos, parts & accessories to enhance your AeroPilates experience.

    Pilates Reformers Australia, your leading supplier of AeroPilates machines and accessories in Australia.

    Experience the benefits of AeroPilates machines with the folding Aeropilates 4 Cord Pilates Reformer. AeroPilates machines are the perfect solution for those seeking an affordable option. The foldable design allows you to enjoy the Pilates repertoire in the comfort of your own home, even if you have limited space. With its lightweight, yet sturdy construction, the AeroPilates Reformers can easily be moved between rooms in your home.

    Equipped with 4 equal resistance cords, the AeroPilates machines provide a wide range of intensity levels to suit your fitness needs. Additionally, you'll have access to a variety of training videos, including parts and accessories like the cardio tramp and elevated stand to enhance your AeroPilates experience. Different strength cords are also available for purchase once your strength and flexibility improve, allowing the Aeropilates machine to grow with your fitness level. 

    With the expertise of Pilates Reformers Australia, you can be confident that the Stamina AeroPilates products will meet all your requirements for an effective home Pilates workout!