Reformer Spare Parts & Accessories

    Whether you're looking to upgrade your reformer, replace worn-out components or add new functionalities to boost the intensity of your sweat sessions, our collection of Align-Pilates reformer parts has all the accessories you need to customise your workouts and expand your everyday routine.

    From ultra-soft head and neck pillows that provide comfort and support to reduce strain and tension to sturdy hand grips that intensify arm curls, our Pilates reformer spare parts and accessories are compatible with all Align-Pilates reformers — whether you have one in your home gym or a suite of machines in your commercial studio that need regular maintenance.

    Discover the best Align-Pilates reformer accessories in Australia

    Elevate your Pilates routine with our Align-Pilates reformer accessories, thoughtfully designed to be paired with the best-selling brand’s machines.

    Whether your goal is to increase resistance, improve balance and flexibility or sculpt and tone muscles, we have everything you need to maintain your machine’s functionality or upgrade your workout to incorporate new exercises.

    Our range includes some of the following essential Pilates reformer parts and reformer accessories:

    • Double-handled Pilates rings — Otherwise known as Magic Circles, the Align-Pilates soft double-handled Pilates rings feature plush padding made from skin-friendly materials, making it comfortable to perform various strength and conditioning exercises. This must-have accessory is perfect for beginners and advanced Pilates practitioners alike, increasing the power of your workouts while helping you maintain ideal form, balance and alignment.

    • Pro double loop straps — Our pro double loop straps are game-changing reformer accessories thanks to their silent design, which stops the clanking of metal on metal. The innovative double-loop feature eliminates the need for steel caps, making them perfect for aluminium or steel reformers.
    • Mats — Protect your equipment and floors while extending the lifespan of your machine with our high-quality mats — a must-have reformer accessory to diversify your workouts. These mats are crafted from a closed-cell foam material that provides a comfortable, non-slip surface for your exercises while keeping carpet fibres and dust from penetrating the moving parts of your equipment.
    • Replacement Pilates reformer wheels — Specifically designed for the Align-Pilates A2* Series Reformers, these replacement wheels are made from European-engineered plastic and help ensure your machine operates smoothly, efficiently and quietly. Each wheel is easy to install, and the lubricating formulation reduces the time spent cleaning your machine’s runners.
    • Hand grips — An essential reformer accessory for anyone looking to improve their hand and wrist strength or to make their workouts more comfortable as they transition through various movements.

    Maintain your machine’s performance with our Align-Pilates reformer spare parts

    Our Align-Pilates reformer spare parts and accessories integrate seamlessly with your machine’s model, helping you diversify or level up your workout routine while ensuring your equipment remains in premium condition.

    Explore our catalogue online today to elevate your at-home or commercial set-up, or browse our sale selection to discover Pilates reformer parts and reformer accessories at discounted prices.

    If you need help finding the right equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team at Pilates Reformers Australia.


    No. Our reformer parts and accessories are specifically designed to be compatible with the Align-Pilates series of machines. Each reformer accessory and spare part is engineered to fit seamlessly and function optimally with the brand’s collection of reformers.

    While it depends on how often you use the machine and how well it’s maintained, most Align-Pilates springs should be replaced every two years, while carriage wheels can last two to five years or more. Ropes and straps may need to be replaced every one to two years, while footbars and handles may only need to be replaced if they show wear and tear.