Align-Pilates® Reformer Machine

Align-Pilates® Reformer Machine

    The Align-Pilates® Pilates Reformer Range offers a comprehensive collection of reformers to suit different tastes for both commercial Pilates reformers and home Pilates reformers! We have Pilates reformers for sale for all budgets, but if you’re not sure which reformer is right for you, please contact us and we can do a virtual consultation.

    Welcome to Pilates Reformers Australia, your ultimate destination for the Align-Pilates® Pilates Reformer Range.

    Discover a comprehensive collection of reformers tailored to suit various preferences, whether you're seeking commercial-grade or home Pilates reformers. Our selection includes high-quality Pilates machines to fit all budgets.

    With our diverse range of Align-Pilates reformer machines, finding the perfect match for your needs is a breeze. Unsure about which reformer suits you best? No worries! Contact us for a virtual consultation, and our experts will guide you in making the right choice.

    At Pilates Reformers Australia, we're committed to providing top-notch Pilates machines that elevate your practice to new heights. Or maybe you want to take your home Pilates reformer workouts to the next level with one of our industry-leading home Pilates reformers! Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting your Pilates journey, our reformers are designed to enhance your experience and help you achieve your fitness goals.

    Why you should invest in our selection of Align-Pilates reformer machines

    Whether you’re diversifying your workouts at home or upgrading your commercial gym equipment to expand your group class offerings, our range of Align-Pilates reformer machines offers a multitude of benefits, including:

    • Built with your comfort in mind

    From height-adjustable footbars to padded, three-position headrests and ultra-soft shoulder pads that mould to your shape, Align-Pilates reformer machines are designed to offer a smooth, seamless and comfortable experience.

    Each machine includes high-density foam padding on the carriage as well as hand grips and foot straps that offer a stable yet cushioned surface to help minimise discomfort during lengthy workouts.

    Align-Pilates reformers also include in-built rails designed to facilitate a smooth glide of the carriage, reducing jarring movements and enabling a more fluid, less fatiguing exercise experience. This ensures every Pilates lover can focus solely on their form, movement and breath — three essential components of this popular practice.

    • Silent operation for optimal concentration

    Through wheels and precision bearings that ensure a frictionless glide of the carriage along the rails, Align-pilates reformer machines are engineered to offer smooth and quiet operations. This means you can focus on transitioning from one movement to the next without distractions and easily hear your Pilates instructor give cues without competing with or yelling over the machine's noise.

    • Versatile and easily adaptable settings

    Align-Pilates reformers in Australia are designed to support various Pilates exercises, making them suitable for targeted exercises and full-body strength workouts.

    Their adjustable settings — including spring resistance and football positions — allow you to customise your workout to match your skill level, guaranteeing your routine can evolve as you improve your strength, balance, posture, focus, coordination and flexibility.

    • Enhanced performance with precision movements

    From the Align-Pilates H1 reformer to the Align-Pilates C8 pro reformer’s user-friendly features and increased range of motion, every machine enhances the effectiveness of your workout by facilitating a precise flow of movement and optimal alignment.

    As a result, you can seamlessly move your body to target specific muscle groups and improve strength, posture, aerobic and non-aerobic fitness.

    Discover the best Align-Pilates reformers in Australia online today

    Unlock the full potential of Pilates with Pilates Reformers Australia’s premium Align-Pilates reformer machines. Improve your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being with the Align-Pilates® Pilates Reformer Range. If you are shopping for premium reformer beds, you’ve come to the right place! Shop now and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you.


    A range of features make Align-Pilates reformers popular among those seeking a high-quality, versatile and durable machine for their practice, including: 

    • Smooth glide carriages and progressive resistance — Each Align-Pilates reformer machine features adjustable settings that help you fine-tune your workouts. High-quality wheels and bearings also ensure the smooth glide of the carriage, allowing you to enjoy seamless transitions into new movements. 
    • Compact, space-saving designs — The Align-Pilates H1 reformer, for instance, is a self-contained, space-efficient machine that can be easily wheeled around and stored safely upright. It brings a variety of workouts to your home gym in one compact, versatile design. 
    • Ergonomic construction for endless comfort — With padded carriage beds, adjustable headrests, ergonomically shaped handles and shoulder rests, every Align-Pilates reformer machine in Australia is engineered for your comfort and safety. 
    • Accessories and upgrades — Align-Pilates reformers often come with or offer the option to include additional accessories like jump boards and reformer boxes to help you mix up your everyday workout routine. 

    Adjustable components — Many models feature adjustable footbars, ropes and other components to accommodate different body sizes and workout preferences — so you can easily tailor your routine to match the level of intensity you prefer.

    Yes, many of the Align-Pilates reformer machines in our collection are suitable for beginners. Each design incorporates features that cater to all skill levels, such as spring-based resistance systems you can adjust to lower levels, padded carriage beds, flexible headrests and sturdy grips to help beginners maintain the correct posture and alignment. 

    As newbies become more comfortable with the practice and flow of movement, Align-Pilates reformers can accommodate their growing strength with various settings to continue challenging and developing their flexibility, strength and balance.

    Yes, the Align-Pilates reformer collection offers a comprehensive selection of machines, perfect for commercial spaces and home gyms. Within our range, you’ll find the following high-quality machine models: 

    • Align-Pilates H1 reformer
    • Align-Pilates C8 pro reformer
    • Align-Pilates C8-S
    • Align-Pilates C8-G pro reformer 
    • C8-Pro reformer with half trapeze 
    • Align-Pilates M8 wood reformer 
    • Align-Pilates A8 pro reformer 
    • C8S reformer with half trapeze