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Reformer Training Course for Fitness Professionals
Why study with Pilates Education? Pilates Education Australia is proud to deliver globally recognised Pilates education right here in Australia! These courses are delivered face-to-face by 450 Master Instructors in 60 countries around the world bringing the best of movement...
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Set Up Your Ideal Home Gym for Daily Fitness
It’s almost an urban cliché that most gym memberships are expensively unused. Although gym memberships are taken out with the best intentions, fitting workouts into a busy modern lifestyle is, in reality, more difficult than people tend to assume.  Some...
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What is Reformer Pilates good for?
Reformer Pilates has gained significant popularity in recent years as a comprehensive exercise method that combines strength, flexibility, and balance training. which is a flexible and powerful exercise method with several advantages. Reformer Pilates offers a distinctive method for people...
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