Commercial Reformers

Commercial Reformers


    Transform your Pilates studio and elevate your clients' experience with the best commercial Pilates reformers. Engineered for excellence, these premium machines bring the sophistication and performance of a professional Pilates studio to life. Whether your space is a boutique Pilates haven or a comprehensive fitness centre, our commercial Pilates reformers for sale help you meet the diverse needs of your clientele, from novices to seasoned practitioners.

    Choose us, Pilates Reformers Australia, for commercial reformer Pilates machines that boost your studio’s reputation. Align-Pilates® machines can withstand the test of time and heavy usage that every commercial reformer sees in its lifetime.

    Unmatched quality and innovation for practitioners

    Our commercial Pilates reformers for sale are crafted with precision, featuring high-quality materials and cutting-edge design to ensure durability, stability and versatility. The robust steel frame, smooth glide mechanism and precisely engineered wheels guarantee an unparalleled workout experience, offering silent and fluid movements. With five music wire springs for resistance and a suite of compatible accessories, including jump boards, half Trapeze and sitting boxes, your studio will be equipped to offer an infinite range of Pilates exercises.

    Features for professional-led classes

    Our range of professional Pilates reformers, including models like A8 and C8 from Align-Pilates®’, revolutionise your studio by providing an unmatched range of motion. These machines welcome a diverse clientele, effortlessly adjusting to various body sizes and reducing the need for frequent tweaks. With their wide carriages and innovative 8-wheel system, they ensure smooth, stable workouts. The addition of a rapid change spring bar brings unmatched comfort and stability to each session, catering directly to the high standards of professional-led classes.

    These reformers are designed with adaptability in mind. Their interchangeable legs adjust in height, seamlessly fitting into any studio layout and meeting the unique needs of your clients. And with features like the oversized lockable foot bar, robust pivot points and sturdy construction supporting up to 150 kg, you can guarantee both the safety of users and the longevity of the commercial Pilates reformer.

    Each machine provides ease of maintenance and storage. Their stackable design, complemented by a silent system that includes patented pulleys and metal-free ropes and handles, makes the most of your space and minimises upkeep. By choosing our top-tier reformers from brands like Align-Pilates®, you elevate your clients’ workout experience by delivering quality and innovative Pilates instruction.

    Buy commercial Pilates reformer machines at Pilates Reformers Australia 

    Investing in our commercial Pilates reformers is a step towards redefining what your studio can offer. It's about creating an environment where clients feel valued and where their fitness journey is supported by the best equipment in the industry. 

    With Align-Pilates® and our expert team of technicians, who can ensure your machine’s downtime is kept to a minimum, you have the opportunity to transform your studio into a Pilates destination that clients love and recommend.

    Discover the difference that quality, innovation and performance can make in your studio. Explore our range at Pilates Reformers Australia and make the choice to invest in your studio's future today!


    Commercial Pilates Reformers are built to withstand the heavy usage of a professional studio setting, featuring robust construction, enhanced safety features and a design that supports a higher maximum user weight. Our Align-Pilates reformer machines have qualified for international Standards (ISO), and include advanced patented features like the Rapid Change Spring bar for easily customisable setups and fast adjustments.

    Home reformers, while still high quality, are designed for less frequent use and come with slightly less adjustability. Instead, it has a focus on portability, ease of storage and fitting into smaller spaces.

    Maintaining and cleaning a commercial Pilates reformer involves regular inspections for wear and tear, tightening any loose bolts and wiping down surfaces with PGW Gym Wipes after each use to keep it hygienic and the tracks clean of grime. Any worn parts should be replaced promptly to ensure smooth operation. Feel free to check our store for spare parts and accessories. Please download our Align-Pilates Australia App for a comprehensive maintenance guide for your Pilates Reformer machine.