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If you’re looking to buy a Pilates Reformer or add some new accessories to your existing setup, Pilates Reformers Australia is your one-stop shop for all things Pilates. Partnering with some of the leading brands in the industry, we can help you take your love for Pilates to the next level. Browse the incredible range of Pilates equipment at Pilates Reformers Australia today.

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When you want products and advice from the experts, Pilates Reformers Australia is here for you. For over 10 years, Pilates Reformers Australia has been the premier seller of Align-Pilates Reformers and Pilates Equipment. The leading stockist of AeroPilates, in addition, the sole distributor of ToeSox, TAVI non-slip socks, Base 33 grip socks, and TAVI Activewear in Australasia.

Whether you’re a newbie or a Pilates fanatic, you can rely on the quality of our products to get you through your next workout. We only partner with the best brands in the business that develop and manufacture products that are built to last.

Providing the complete solution to all home and studio needs, we supply a comprehensive range of Pilates Reformers, Apparatus, Fitness Equipment and Instructor training. Pilates Reformers Australia caters to a wide range of customers, from those beginning their fitness journey to large commercial gyms looking to treat their clients to a quality piece of equipment.

From fast and painless shipping processes to our incredible team's industry expertise and guidance, we’ve made it easy to shop, compare and buy Pilates equipment online. We are here to help you find the perfect Pilates Reformer for your space.

Explore Pilates Reformers & Pilates Equipment

Discover the transformative power of Pilates with Pilates Reformers Australia. Get ready to elevate your fitness journey and experience unparalleled strength, flexibility and core stability with one of our high-quality Pilates Reformers. Check out some of our top picks for Pilates accessories and equipment below:

Pilates Reformer Loops

Target your arms, legs and core with specialised silent reformer loops. Add a hygienic barrier to your Reformer with washable and wipeable options.


Mattress Extenders

Increase your workout options by extending the surface area of your Pilates Reformer, allowing for a broader range of movements and a sweatier workout.


Align-Pilates® Poles

Take your Pilates workout to the next level with a gondola or roll-up pole. These poles help improve balance and core engagement amplifying your Pilates routine.


Resistance Bands

This collection of adjustable resistance bands will help enhance your strength training and promote greater flexibility. Explore our range of tension options below.


At Pilates Reformers Australia, we are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line Pilates Reformers designed to enhance your Pilates practice. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, our Pilates equipment caters to all levels, ensuring a dynamic and effective workout every time.

Join the Pilates Reformer Australia community and experience the long-lasting benefits of a well-rounded fitness regimen. Shop our range of Pilates Reformers, equipment and accessories and begin your journey to a stronger, more balanced you.

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Pilates Studio?

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With The Experts In Pilates

There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a Pilates Reformer machine and Pilates equipment. Let our expertise in Pilates help you in your search.

Why People Love Working With Us


I ordered 9 Reformer machines from Pilates Reformer Australia. They were professional, great communicators, timely and lovely to deal with. Highly recommend!


Pilates Haus


Highly recommend them for personal and or commercial purchases and use. I have been using an Align Pilates reformer for 5 years at a studio, and while having tried other reformers in this time, my favourite brand is Align-Pilates due to its quality, functionality, and ease of use.

Sarah M

I shopped around to find what I needed for my Wunda Chair and I have to say that the quality and operation of the Align chair is exceptional. The team at Pilates Reformers Australia really know their stuff about Pilates equipment and provided me with plenty of information to make an informed decision.

Gemma N.

These guys have been amazing throughout the entire process, and you can tell their passionate about their products. Customer service has been on point from the start and they're always willing to go the extra mile. Products are fantastic as well, high quality and good value for money.

Stadium Club

I LOVE MY REFORMER! It has been such a delight to purchase the F3 Align Pilates reformer. I use it everyday, and it was so simple to put together and use right away.

Janessa P.

I just got my F3 delivered after many emails and phone calls to the team at PRA. Kirsten was super helpful at every stage of the process. They delivered and installed it into my home and the guys were was so professional. I tried other companies but these guys really know their stuff.

Zoe W.

Since starting my own Pilates studio I have been dealing with Pilates Reformers Australia. As an Osteopath who has taught Clinical Pilates over a number of years, I knew that I wanted a great quality of product when going out on my own. I have found their products particularly the Align reformers to be of a high quality and a great price point. Staff have been extremely easy to communicate with when organising any purchases and delivery has always been prompt even though I am interstate.

Nathan D.

Excellent Customer Service & Products. We have just had our Align Pilates H1 reformer delivered after much research into what machine would meet our needs. The quality of this equipment is 5 star, it is smooth and noise free, ergonomically comfortable and feels incredibly sturdy. Communication from PRA was always timely, friendly & professional, giving even more confidence that we had purchased a machine that will last us for many years to come.

Jody M.

Compare Pilates Reformer Machines

Looking for the perfect Pilates Reformer for your home or studio? Pilates Reformers Australia is here to help. Like most fitness equipment, Pilates Reformer Machines are available in various heights, sizes, brands and designs. It is essential to choose a Reformer machine that fits your body type, size and needs. You’ll also need to consider whether you require additional support or equipment, like Pilates accessories. From pregnancy wedges to an extender mattress, it’s important to take the time to understand and research what you need to build the perfect workout.

The good news is, whether you are a growing Pilates studio or a Pilates enthusiast at home, we have a variety of Pilates Reformers for sale to accommodate your needs. In conjunction with our renowned customer service, our equipment's industry-leading warranties establish us as the market leader in Pilates equipment. Should you have any issues or concerns with any of the products in our range, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who would be happy to assist.