Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze

Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze


    Perfect for Pilates studios, allied health professionals or for home use, a half  trapeze tower is a highly versatile piece of Pilates equipment that allows you to perform the majority of the repertoire of a Pilates Cadillac. Either attached to an Align-Pilates Reformer or to the wall, a half trapeze tower allows the body to stretch, lengthen and strengthen.

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    Using first-rate equipment can make all the difference in your Pilates routine. Our innovative half trapeze towers can be added to the Align-Pilates Reformers providing a space-saving versatile piece of apparatus.  This addition can give your studio the edge over the competitors by allowing for more exercises that are perfect for the beginner or advanced Pilates lover.

    For allied health practitioners, the addition of the half trapeze to the Align-Pilates Reformers will allow you the ability to rehabilitate your clients and help them achieve their fitness goals.

    We also offer Align-Pilates Reformer parts so you can add intensity to your sessions. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Reformer or replace outdated components, you can find the perfect additions to keep your practice challenging at Align-Pilates.

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    Unlike a traditional Pilates Reformer, which primarily consists of a carriage, footbar, and springs for resistance, the half trapeze Reformer includes a tower attached at one end. This tower is equipped with additional springs, bars and straps that facilitate a range of new exercises. Additionally, a Reformer with half trapeze is designed to be more compact, making it a suitable option for smaller studios, practices or homes where space is at a premium.

    • Increased versatility — The half trapeze attachment adds new dimensions to the classic Reformer, enabling a wider range of exercises to stretch, lengthen and strengthen the body.
    • Enhanced muscle tone — Using a Pilates Reformer half trapeze builds core strength, providing the body with the ability to support a better posture and balance.
    • Improved flexibility — The trapeze setup allows for deeper stretches and can aid in the development of a greater range of motion, which is essential for overall mobility and injury prevention.
    • Customisable workouts — With adjustable springs, bars and straps, the Reformer with half trapeze allows for a variety of exercises ideal for different fitness levels and training goals.
    • Materials and durability — Opt for Reformers constructed from robust materials like stainless steel or aluminium. These ensure resilience and stability under various weights and vigorous exercises.
    • Adjustability — A versatile Reformer will offer extensive adjustability in its springs, straps, bars and even the platform height. This flexibility allows users to customise their workouts according to their physical dimensions and preferred exercise intensity.
    • Comfort — The padding on the carriage should be dense enough to support and cushion the body during exercises, reducing discomfort and risk of injury. Look for a Reformer with high-grade, durable upholstery that can withstand repeated use without compressing or tearing.
    • Size and space requirements — Assess the dimensions of the Reformer to ensure it fits in your intended space. If space is limited, consider models that offer features like folding mechanisms or transport wheels for easy storage and mobility.