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    At Pilates Reformers Australia, we’re an industry leader in providing premium Pilates apparatus, including accessories for Align-Pilates reformers that are suitable for a range of brands. Our selection of Pilates Reformer accessories in Australia can help you achieve your fitness objectives by enhancing your Pilates practice.

    These accessories, ranging from jump boards to sitting boxes, can add variety to your routines and provide additional challenge and support. The Align-Pilates Reformer accessories are designed to work seamlessly with many Pilates Reformer brands, guaranteeing a perfect fit and the highest level of safety. Our selection includes:

    Pilates pregnancy wedge — empowering expectant mothers

    Our Pilates pregnancy wedge is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and support for all stages of life. This ergonomically designed accessory supports expectant mothers, enabling them to continue their Pilates practice comfortably and safely.

    The wedge ensures proper alignment and reduces pressure on the back and pelvis, making Pilates an enjoyable activity throughout pregnancy. These accessories can also be used beyond the reformer for various specific exercises, including hip and knee rehabilitation.

    Head and neck support pillow — ensuring comfort and alignment

    The Align-Pilates head and neck support pillow is engineered to promote optimal alignment and relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. These accessories for pilates reformers are crucial for practitioners who require extra support during exercises, ensuring that your practice is effective and comfortable. Maintaining proper alignment can prevent strain and enhance the benefits of your Pilates workout.

    Reformer jump boards — adding cardio to your practice

    The Align-Pilates reformer jump boards are dynamic Pilates reformer accessories, transforming them into a tool for low-impact cardiovascular exercise. These boards allow for a wide range of jumping exercises that increase heart rate and build strength without putting stress on the joints. Incorporating jump board exercises into your routine adds an exhilarating cardiovascular component to your practice.

    Reformer mats — enhancing comfort and stability

    The Align-Pilates reformer mat is cut-to-shape to fit perfectly on our reformers, providing a soft and stable surface for your exercises. This accessory protects your upholstery while enhancing comfort and grip, allowing you to focus on your form and execution without worrying about slipping or discomfort. The reformer mat can fit with a range of brands and is an essential accessory for Pilates practitioners looking to optimise their workout environment.

    Platform extenders — expanding your exercise options

    The Align-Pilates platform extenders increase the versatility of your Pilates reformer, enabling a broader range of exercises and accommodating users of all sizes. These extenders provide additional space and stability, allowing for more varied foot and hand placements. With these Pilates reformer accessories, your Pilates practice can include various movements, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout.

    Extension legs — elevating your reformer experience

    The Align-Pilates extension legs raise the height of your Pilates reformer, enhancing accessibility and increasing the range of motion for certain exercises. This accessory is ideal for practitioners who prefer a higher platform for easier transitions between exercises and for performing advanced movements that require additional space beneath the reformer.

    Planking handles — strengthening your core

    Planking handles are the ultimate pilates reformer accessories for challenging your core strength and stability. These handles can fit any Merrithew brand reformer with 25 mm square jump board holes — providing a secure grip for planking exercises and variations that target the core muscles. Incorporating planking handles into your routine can significantly enhance core strength, improve posture and increase overall stability.

    Foot straps, Reformer loops, and Reformer poles are also popular accoutrements. Whether a Pilates expert or a novice, the Align-Pilates Reformer accessories can help you maximise your workouts.

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    Align-Pilates is the go-to brand for Pilates devotees who want to take their practice to the next level due to their superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our range of accessories is designed with precision and care, ensuring every Pilates enthusiast can find the tools they need to enhance their workout experience.

    Whether you're looking to invest in home Pilates equipment, support your pregnancy, add cardiovascular elements to your routine, or simply elevate your practice with comfort and versatility, our range of Align-Pilates equipment at Pilates Reformers Australia has you covered.


    For a Pilates reformer class, you'll need comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows a full range of motion without getting caught in the equipment. Additionally, grip socks can enhance your stability and hygiene while using the reformer. Some studios may also recommend bringing your water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the class.

    Must-have accessories for the Pilates reformer include a head and neck support pillow for alignment and comfort, a foot bar cover for hygiene and cushioning and reformer mats or carriage covers to enhance grip and protect the equipment. Resistance springs of various tensions are also essential for customising the intensity of your workouts.