Pilates Accessories

Pilates Accessories


    Complement your Pilates equipment with the perfect accessories from brands like Align-Pilates®! Browse our range of Pilates and Reformer Pilates accessories and discover how you can customise your commercial studio or home practice. From resistance bands to balance pads, we stock the best Pilates accessories in Australia — shop at Pilates Reformers Australia today!

    Discover Pilates accessories: Elevate, tone and strengthen your practice

    Feeling stuck in your Pilates journey? You need the right balance of equipment and accessories. That’s why at Pilates Reformers Australia, we bring you an extensive range of accessories for Pilates to match our collection of high-quality reformer machines and other essential equipment.

    Our selection includes versatile tools like soft Pilates balls, resistance bands and toning balls. Just imagine the sculpting power of our Pilates rings and the stability-enhancing properties of our balance pad, our Pilates accessories for sale help you engage the right muscles for a full-body workout — and you can do all of these securely on anti-slip mats. For an added challenge, check out our weighted bracelets, roll-up poles and rotational disks.

    Our Pilates accessories are tools that help you progress your Pilates journey. Whether you’re aiming for improved flexibility, muscle tone or overall strength, we have the right Pilates accessory for you.

    Elevate your practice with Pilates accessories — order at Pilates Reformers Australia today!

    Experience the transformative power of Pilates with the right mix of accessories at your disposal. We have all the Pilates accessories you need to help you unlock milestones in your practice, from customisable weighted bracelets to double handle Pilates rings. And if you want to invest in the longevity of your reformer machine, we also stock equipment mats and carriage protectors.

    Explore essential Pilates and reformer accessories in Australia all in one convenient location. Shop at Pilates Reformers Australia and enjoy fast delivery to major cities and suburbs across the country.


    Pilates accessories enhance your practice by providing added support, resistance and versatility. They contribute to a more dynamic and effective workout. For instance, tools like rings and weighted bracelets work to isolate specific muscle groups. Meanwhile, roll-up poles and rotational disks can help you deepen stretches to improve your mobility. 

    Another way Pilates accessories help is by promoting your safety. This is especially true for anti-slip mats, which allow you to get a better grip in various poses.

    Accessories for Pilates cater to practitioners of all levels, including beginners. When you shop from Pilates Reformers Australia, you’ll notice that we have various customisable accessories. Our weighted bracelets, for example, start at 1 pound, while resistance bands have three different levels of resistance. Whether you’re new to the style of Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, you can modify the intensity of the workout with the suitable Pilates accessory.

    For beginners, we recommend testing different exercises and finding accessories that help you progress in performing those movements. If you’re totally new to Pilates, consider getting light resistance bands and the extremely versatile Pilates ring. You can use these for core and balance exercises, and even some leg and arm workouts.

    If you’re a seasoned practitioner, we recommend purchasing Pilates accessories that offer more resistance, such as heavier weighted bracelets or resistance bands. Additionally, look into investing in a reformer machine to increase the intensity of your workouts.

    Basic Pilates knowledge is helpful in using various accessories, but you don’t need any kind of certification to do so! If you plan on attending a studio class, all you need to do is follow your Pilates instructor. For a home workout, invest some time into watching introductory videos to incorporate Pilates accessories effectively into your personal practice.