Pilates Equipment

Pilates Equipment

    Explore our Pilates equipment for home use and elevate your mat or reformer practice. Pilates Reformers Australia has everything you need for an effective workout routine. Discover Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs and more from brands like Align-Pilates®, each designed with your safety and precision in mind. Buy Pilates equipment today and invest in quality tools for your home workout experience.

    Push your workouts with our curated selection of Pilates equipment

    From full-body equipment and mobility tools to storage solutions, we’ve got your equipment needs covered. Our range of Pilates health equipment includes the following: 

    • Full-body Pilates equipment — Get the most out of your Pilates practice with our selection of full-body equipment. From the Half and Full Trapeze Tables to Fuse Ladders and Reformers with Trapeze, our range of full-body Pilates equipment provides a solid foundation for a holistic approach to fitness. Work on strength, mobility, balancing and coordination with the right Pilates equipment.
    • Mobility Pilates equipment — Enhance your joint mobility and spinal alignment with essential equipment. Start with the Spine Corrector Barrel and the Align-Pilates® Ladder Barrel RC to improve posture, flexibility and overall body awareness.
    • Balancing Pilates equipment — Working on your balancing ability? Hop on the Juvo Board, a unique and fun addition to your Pilates equipment at home. This versatile tool challenges your stability, making each exercise more engaging and effective.
    • Pilates equipment for pregnant women — At Pilates Reformers Australia, we understand the importance of staying active during pregnancy. That’s why we have Pilates health equipment for pre- and post-partum practitioners. Get our Pilates Pregnancy Wedge and the Align-Pilates® Baby Arc Barrel to add comfort and support as you stay active during maternity.
    • Storage equipment — Keep your Pilates home studio organised with our storage solutions. The Foam Roller Holder and Pilates Pigeon Cabinet offer a tidy and convenient way to store essential Pilates equipment. Keep your space clutter-free and ready for your next session.

    Invest in Pilates equipment in Australia — shop at Pilates Reformers Australia today!

    Ready to invest in your Pilates practice and, thus, your wellbeing? Explore our range of Pilates equipment at Pilates Reformers Australia! Though we’re known for our commercial and home Align-Pilates® reformers and a wide range of accessories and replacement parts, we boast a wider range of Pilates equipment for home use. All the products we carry are made by leading brands in the world of Pilates, including Align-Pilates®.

    Embrace the ultimate Pilates journey with Pilates Reformers Australia. Enjoy the convenience of shopping all the tools you need and the convenience of fast delivery. We ship to major cities and suburbs in Australia, bringing your Pilates equipment straight to your doorstep.

    Explore our range, discover new possibilities and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced you.


    Pilates equipment can greatly improve your workouts, but it’s not mandatory to invest in your own. Mat exercises are an excellent starting point for beginners. You can use them to focus on bodyweight resistance and core engagement.

    However, as you progress through Pilates, equipment like Reformers and Fuse Ladders can add resistance, versatility and intensity to your workouts. You can benefit from a more comprehensive training with the right Pilates equipment.  

    Absolutely! Pilates equipment is versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate various fitness levels. You can modify the resistance on machines like reformers to match your strength and endurance.

    It’s not mandatory, but guidance from a certified Pilates instructor can significantly enhance your practice. You can ensure proper form and technique to help you progress safely. Additionally, instructors can give workouts modified for your fitness goals.

    If you’re new to Pilates or unfamiliar with the equipment, consider attending classes or seeking professional instruction, even if only initially. As the experts in all things Pilates, reach out to the team at Pilates Reformers Australia for guidance and suggestions on your new Pilates equipment purchase. When you’re already familiar with the tools, you can maximise your Pilates equipment much better.

    Yes, many Pilates practitioners enjoy the convenience of practising at home. Our range of Pilates equipment are designed for home use, ranging from Half Trapeze tables to Fuse Ladders you can install. Set up a dedicated Pilates space to enjoy the convenience of practising in your private space.