C2 Pro Pilates Reformer : Shipping Australia Wide


C2 Pro RC is the latest Reformer from Align-Pilates. This new model features the Patent pending Rapid Change spring bar.

Widely used in class environments where moving and storing Reformers is necessary. 

Featuring ISO standards and European CE standards guaranteeing safety and longevity.

Align-Pilates C2-Pro RC Aluminium
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*****DUE BACK IN STOCK MID OCTOBER***** Please note : New Spring-bar Video. Limited Lifetime Warranty - 10 YEARS (See below)  Includes ISO and CE Standards - Your guarantee for strength, safety and longevity ! Now in its 6th generation the C2 Pro RC replaces the C1 Pro, which launched in late 2016. Whilst the C1 Pro introduced a raft of new functionality to the earlier C1 Reformers, including the potential for either full or half cadillac frames, the C2 Pro RC brings major performance improvements to the series, together with a host of subtle refinements that together make this the leading reformer in its class, whilst still offering unrivaled value for money.