Reformer Accessories

Beginner Level 1
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The second edition of our own DVD’s.Presented by Peter Sheehy from The Australian Pilates Academy. Peter takes you through the entry level on your Reformer and will extend you with a thorough workout. Suitable for all types of Reformers. Please note: This video is now available free. Click here to WATCH NOW !
Platform Extender Mattress
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Extend your C2 ,C8 or A2/8 (Suits all Commercial reformer) The platform extender from Align-Pilates can also be used in conjunction with the mattress convertor to make your reformer a matwork station.Generally standing exercises can be done using the standard Anti-slip timber platform however many clients prefer the security of a larger standing area.The Platform extender can also be used at the pulley end of your Reformer to aid with postural positions in other exercises. Also Available on the new A8 Reformer and M2 Pro.
Align-Pilates (New) Rope Locks
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The Align-Pilates T Bar rope system is efficient at easily shortening or lengthening the ropes in a single quick adjustment, however in some cases a rope may be come slightly longer resulting in some down time to reset or an exercise may require extra long or short rope.This new system allows flexibility to vary rope lengths individually or quickly reset ropes to same length. It increases the range in length adjustment to the full length or the ropes. EG. If a client has one longer leg then this is now easily catered for.
Align-Pilates Solid Handle Grips
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Suitable for all types of exercise equipment including professional Reformers , Home Reformers and Gym equipment.Creates a nice solid hand grip when using with a reformer. Great for arm curls etc.Sold by the pair.
Full Trapeze Table : Pilates
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New from Align-Pilates comes the Full Trapeze Table. Featuring an all new aluminum base frame with full stainless steel trapeze, we have taken the best features from our class leading half trapeze to make the ultimate Full Trapeze Table. The oversize bed (78 cm x 206 cm) makes for a more spacious working area, whilst the ease of adjustment and numerous anchor points make for limitless exercise possibilities.The full stainless steel upper frame is vastly superior to standard steel frames and ensures a long and corrosion free life. The Full Trapeze Table is supplied complete with all the required accessories so there are no expensive add on purchases. Please note this full trapeze frame can also mount to our c model reformers.
Reformer Jump Boards
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The Reformer Jump Board can add an amazing range to your Pilates repertoire. Primarily by introducing cardio but your Core will also be challenged.Add plyometric exercises to your Pilates repertoire with stable support from this Align-Pilates Jump Board which can be used with the A2,A2R,A8 C1, C1R, C1 Pro, C2 Pro, C8, M2, F1, F2 and H1 reformers.The Jump Board can be added at a later date without requiring modification. - Please note that the A Series Jump Board is larger and won't fit our other Reformers.  - Please also note that the A Series Jump Board is designed to also fit our Wunda Chair to enable Lumbar support during use or replicate a similar position to Classical style High Back Chair.
Half Trapeze
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Get the best of both worlds by using a Half Trapeze tower with your Align-Pilates Pilates reformer or Wall mount system.Perfect for use by a single Pilates professional, home use, or any area where you need to save on space but want the ability to perform the majority of the Pilates repertoire.Our Half Trapeze can be purchased separately or as part of a Pilates Studio bundle including a reformer and other studio apparatus used in Pilates studios and classes alike.Please note : New model just arriving does not bolt into the floor. It’s supported solely by mounting to a wall. This prevents drilling into your polished floor boards etc.Click here to see Full Trapeze options.We can add more to this bundle if you prefer so please contact us
Framed Sitting Box
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The Align-Pilates sitting box makes many seated and prone exercises more comfortable. An endless possibility of challenges are provided when the box is used with a Pilates Reformer.The Align-Pilates sitting box is suitable for use on all brand of Pilates Machine and offers top quality finishing and the best value sitting box available in Australia.Please note : Using unknown brand Boxes or Barrels on Align-Pilates Reformers will void your Reformer Warranty.
Spine Corrector Barrel
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BACK IN STOCK January 2020 The modular step barrel from Align-Pilates (also known as a 'spine corrector') adds extensively to the core functionality of the traditional step barrel, which has long been known to help improve posture by lengthening and strengthening the back, feet and shoulder muscles.
H1 Reformer Extension Legs
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The H1 Reformer Extension legs adds height to your Reformer. They just make it a little easier to slip on and off ! This is a simple addition to your H1 Reformer to raise the height. These will not fit any other Align-Pilates Reformer. Includes 4 legs , tools and bolts. Some assembly required.
Pilates Gondola Pole
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The Align-Pilates Gondola Pole is perfect for aiding balance when performing standing work on the Reformer. Solid maple pole with beeswax finish and anti-slip rubber end caps to provide firm grip on the floor.Product details:Dimensions: 152cm (60″) x 3.0cmMaterial: Solid maple pole with rubber end caps
Reformer Equipment Mat
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The Equipment Mat helps protect flooring, extend product life and dampen sounds. At 260cm long and 70cm wide the Equipment Mat will fit any current or previous model of rAlign-Pilates or any brand reformer. The closed cell foam material is tough, yet soft enough to absorb impact, eliminate vibration, and help extend product life by keeping carpet fibers and dust from getting into the moving parts of your equipment. Our Equipment Mat has an anti slip surface which will assist in preventing your equipment from sliding during exercise.