Reformer Parts and Accessories

Align-Pilates Solid Handle Grips
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Suitable for all types of exercise equipment including professional Reformers , Home Reformers and Gym equipment.Creates a nice solid hand grip when using with a reformer. Great for arm curls etc.Sold by the pair.
Reformer Foot Strap – Silent system
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The Silent Reformer Foot Strap, part of the silent range from Align-Pilates. Improves user experience as there is no distraction from noisy metal clips or D-Rings when using your reformer. Comes in black to avoid showing dirt and with a fluffy for extra comfort. Note : Included free with C models, A models and M model.Suitable for all types of Reformers. Adjusts using a buckle system.
Reformer Carriage Protector
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Carriage protectors add an extra 6mm of cushioning to your carriage bed for extra comfort whilst protecting your CX-1000, C2 PRO or A2R’s upholstery. They also brighten up your studio space!The carriage protectors are made for an exact fit with Align-Pilates CX-1000 and A2R reformer, so will not fit any other brand of reformer. Use either way up for colour pattern and variation. Available in aubergine/grey or blue/grey. Please select CX-1000 if requiring for C2 PRO then advise us during checkout notes.
Black Reformer Ropes – Pair
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Do you need a little bit of quiet in your home or studio ? The Align-Pilates Silent rope system will fit all Align-Pilates Reformers. For true 'silence' you need to combine with the Silent Double Loop Hand grips. Our Silent Ropes will fit other brand reformers which allow a 10 mm rope. Please note: These are NOT compatible with AERO Pilates reformers. Alternatively we also have the standard 10 mm rope with dog clip fitting also available in the drop down window near price.
Reformer carriage wheels
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After years of research and development these new wheels will make a huge difference to your maintenance schedule. Likely to reduce cleaning considerably on your Align-Pilates Reformer. Developed in Australia.
C Model Spring Bar
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Revitalise your old C model Reformer with a new colour coded spring bar. (Gear Bar) Fits all C models from Cx-1000 to C2 Pro.Please note that all current models feature this bar.
Pilates Ring – Double Handle
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Magic Circle Double Handle    Pilates rings also known as a Magic Circle are commonly used in Pilates. Rings add intensity or assist in positioning during floor or Pilates equipment  such as Reformers.The ring’s resistance speeds up toning by targeting specific muscles. Especially useful in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, chest and even the pelvic floor muscles.This is our lightweight ring which has both inner and outer grips with a foam padded ring for extra comfort.Resistance is fractionally lighter than our traditional designed Tri-Band Steel ring.
Align-Pilates Pro Double Loop Straps – Washable
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Introducing the Silent Double Loop Straps from Align-Pilates which are also machine washable. Manufactured from Neoprene they are much more durable for washing. Sold in pairs. A very simple looping system which eliminates the necessity of steel clips. Particularly practical when using with steel or aluminium reformers. Also includes a steel shackle for brands without the silent loop system.