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Pilates Reformers Australia has been featured in multiple mediums due to its expertise in Pilates equipment. Visit the library of interesting articles below.

Caring for Your Pilates Equipment

What causes cracks in your upholstery and how to avoid them. Owning 12 Pilates Reformers and maintaining them appropriately is no small feat for any Pilates Studio. For Naike Mouromtsev from Kefi Studios in Five Dock, Sydney, Australia, she learned an important lesson when it comes to looking after the upholstery on her Pilates equipment.

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Introducing the Custom Pilates Wedge

Pilates Reformers Australia, a leading provider of high-quality Pilates equipment, is excited to announce the launch of their innovative custom Pilates wedge.* Designed specifically for pregnant people practicing Pilates, those who suffer from vertigo or clients with shoulder or hip pathologies who struggle to lay on their sides.

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Maintaining your Pilates Equipment

Pilates reformers and other Pilates equipment are just like a car - they require maintenance to ensure that they are in top working order and safe to use. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of the machine, and it can also ensure it works optimally for your clients and for your business. 

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