Aeropilates Reformer Stand

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When you elevate your AeroPilates Reformer with AeroPilates reformer stand, you are able to perform the more advanced movements.

The elevation will also make it easier for you to move from exercise to exercise.The AeroPilates Reformer Stand is made specifically for the AeroPilates reformers that come with three cords, four or 5 cords. ( Please choose to suit your model) so your reformer will fit the stand solidly and your AeroPilates workouts will be stable. The 55-4150 AeroPilates Stand fits AeroPilates reformers with four cords.

The AeroPilates Stand’s six easy-to-remove pull pins allow you to assemble and disassemble your stand with ease.

Each pin is held by a cord so they can’t be misplaced.

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