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Like you we also found the benefits of Pilates.

In 2008 the founder of Pilates Reformers Australia Adrian Burgess and his wife Cheryl ( now an accomplished Pilates Instructor), searched for a way to halt the progression of their daughter Kirsten's Scoliosis. Curvature of the Spine.

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It was at this time the whole family soon began Pilates classes which raised the topic of  'how beneficial it would be to have some Pilates equipment at home'.

Adrian looked online only to find the quality of equipment was either too different to what they were used to (cheap imitations) or just too expensive to justify the outlay. It was then that Adrian decided there was a need for quality, affordable Pilates equipment in Australia for home users and potentially commercial as well.

After a few years of trials and tribulations Adrian and Cheryl left Australia for the UK where they met with CEO of Align-Pilates David Elliott. To this day Adrian and David are still great Mates ( not necessarily during Cricket or Rugby seasons). Align-Pilates were manufacturing a high standard of Pilates equipment but none were necessarily suitable for the Australian market. After 12 months of deliberations, (a few disagreements) much time spent in the Align-Pilates engineering department and factory, a new range for Align-Pilates was born.

C1%20REFORMER.pngFirst releasing the C model Reformer, this had surprising success. You may say it was a smash hit in Australia and Europe, sky rocketing to number one!

In Australia it was first released as a high quality home Reformer but after gaining European ISO Standards it was re-released as a commercial grade Reformer.

Today known as the C2 Pro. Of course soon after we released the true home Reformers F2 (Folding home Reformer) and H1 (Vertically standing home Reformer). This relationship between Adrian and David is still going strong today and they meet up to 6 times a year to continue the development of Align-Pilates apparatus.

Although the Align-Pilates brand is 100% UK owned we can feel proud that the equipment is at the very least, 50% Australian developed and designed.