Why Buy PGW Gym Wipes?

Why Buy PGW Gym Wipes?

With over 10 years industry experience, Pilates Reformers Australia has dealt with a variety of vinyl upholstery. As such Pilates Reformers Australia has and continues to strongly advocate against using alcohol-based cleaning products on machinery.

During our formative years of selling Pilates Reformers and Pilates Equipment, we found the general principal for cleaning upholstery was to use very mild detergent equivalent to what you might wash your dishes with.

The need for anti-bacterial cleaning products soon became very apparent, like some of our competitors, we recommended a very mild mix of Tea Tree oil in water.

However, there were two problems with these methods.

  1. Our customers often mixed the blend too strong, and the main ingredients would be left on the upholstery, thus resulting in a drying or bleaching effect on the softeners in the vinyl fabrics.
  2. Spray bottles always have an over-spray radius resulting in non-desired wet areas like electronics or raw steel components prone to rust.

Eventually we saw the need for a non-hazardous gym wipe which could clean and sanitize without removing the softeners in the vinyl, or ruin other steel or electronic components.

We first began recommending independent brands of gym wipes, with whom we had no relation, and trusted that these companies had done the research to formulate something which is safe to use.

This turned out not to be the case as all were imported and no doubt the local supplier did not actually know the ingredients. We continued to see unexpected results with our upholstery when using these brands.

What could we possibly do to stop drying out of our upholstery?

We researched and sort the services of an Australian company specializing in the manufacturing of gym wipes using a formula that was safe for our customers and our Pilates equipment. Together with the feedback from some of our long-standing clients and our new partners, Pilates Reformers Australia was able to bring the large and moisture retaining PGW Wipe. Tried and tested on several Pilates Equipment brands and upholstery, including our own, PGW Wipes are indeed the most effective and economical wet wipe on the market.

Even today some businesses choose to buy the imported wipes despite care instructions provided by the manufacturer warning against such practices. These customers generally will see their upholstery become shiny in as little as 2 years with cracking to follow within 12 months.

Why NOT to buy imported Gym Wipes?

Of course, everyone is looking for the best and most economical business practices. Often wipes do appear to be an area to save money. Whilst we have found that many imported wipe brands do attack vinyl softening agents, the real question is ‘do they actually fight Bacteria and Pathogens or is this another fallacy they provide because they think it’s what you need to hear?’

Biodegradable VS Compostable. What’s the difference?

Most people don’t know that there is a difference between biodegradable and compostable products. Many wipes in the current market are labelled as ‘biodegradable’. Whilst biodegradable is more advantageous to pure waste, biodegradable products require specific conditions such as exposure to UV light, to decompose. Comparatively, ‘compostable’ products, like our PGW Wipes, are easily broken down into nutrient-rich organic matter turning soil into a healthier environment, aiding plant growth.

Where do I go from here to ensure I’m getting the most ‘bang for my buck’?

We advise checking the quantity of wipes but also the total weight of the packet. The weight of the packet tells you how wet the wipes are relative to the quantity of wipes in the bag.  For example on average an imported wipe bag weighs less than 5 kg – compared to PGW wipe weighing just under 7 kg.  This means that the PGW wipe is not only larger but also wetter than its competitors.

Choosing our Australian designed and manufactured PGW Gym wipes supports an Australian business as well as protecting your expensive Pilates machinery, the health of your clients, the health of your staff, and the environment.

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