Has Your Pilates Equipment Been Delayed? Why Quality Pilates Equipment Is Worth The Wait!

Has Your Pilates Equipment Been Delayed? Why Quality Pilates Equipment Is Worth The Wait!

So, you’re trying to make the decision on whether you’re ready to order a piece of Pilates equipment, but there’s a catch, it’s a three-month minimum wait before your order is in stock. This dilemma begs the question, “is this brand of Pilates equipment worth the wait?”. If you’re considering Align-Pilates Equipment, the answer is most definitely YES, and here’s why…


1.      Pilates Reformers are not all the same??

One of the hardest decisions to make when shopping for Pilates equipment is deciding which brand is going to offer you the best quality for the most affordable price? If Pilates reformer machines are out of stock, then the reason for this could be the high demand for the price to quality ratio.  In many cases such as Align Pilates equipment, many of the models of Pilates reformers are pre-sold before they even land in Australia; This opens the door for some new less experienced sellers to enter the market, but be sure that what they are offering is ticking your requirements in terms of service, durability, and efficiency.

Whilst the promise of stock may be an enticing persuader in deciding which brand to purchase your reformer machine from, one must wonder, “why does this brand have stock?”. Purchasing Pilates equipment either for home or commercial use can be a substantial investment, thus, you will want to be sure your reformer of choice is a high quality, reliable, piece of equipment.  


2.      It’s not just about the quality of equipment, but the quality of the company you purchase through.

As with any purchase of equipment, there are a few key factors to consider:

·         What warranty is being offered?

·         Is the company I’m purchasing through easy to deal with?

·         Can I get parts and service assistance easily??

Usually, well-established companies like Pilates Reformers Australia offer a substantial warranty on their Pilates equipment because they know it will last. Most high-quality pieces of equipment should function without any major issues, nonetheless, they are still a form of machinery which can always malfunction. In the unlikely event your Pilates reformer malfunctions, you will want to ensure the company you purchased through is reliable, knowledgeable, and accommodating.


3.      What makes Pilates Reformers Australia different?

Pilates Reformers Australia is a family-owned and operated company, passionate about bringing you the best quality Pilates equipment and customer service. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry the commitment to exceptional customer service and high-performance products continues to be the number one priority for the team.

Not only is Pilates Reformers Australia made up of exceptional team members, our Align-Pilates Equipment is perfectly engineered to last you a lifetime. Distributed to over 28 countries, Align-Pilates offers a comprehensive range of commercial Pilates equipment as well as an innovative selection of home Pilates Reformers.


High functioning, reliable, with excellent warranty options, Align-Pilates Equipment is most certainly worth the wait!

For more information or to pay your deposit, contact us on 1300 107 331or email info@prateam.com.au