Discover The New Align-Pilates® Classical Equipment Collection

Discover The New Align-Pilates® Classical Equipment Collection

Contemporary Pilates has taken the fitness industry by storm, with its modern adaptations and innovative exercises capturing the interest of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. As the modern form of Pilates booms, so too does the original Pilates method, often referred to as Classical Pilates.

As more people delve into the realm of Pilates, many are seeking to pivot to Classical Pilates to reap its authentic benefits. Recognising this trend, Pilates Reformers Australia together with Align Pilates, has launched a Classical Equipment range to support our existing customers who may want to expand into classical Pilates, as well as engage with a new market. This collection helps meet the increasing demand for authentic Pilates spaces.

Classical Pilates apparatus has historically been difficult to access for practitioners in Australia, with equipment often being prohibitively expensive and wait times extending over 12 months. The new Align-Pilates Classical Equipment collection aims to address these challenges, providing high-quality, affordable classical Pilates apparatus that is readily available.

The Essence of Classical Pilates Equipment

Classical Pilates equipment is revered for its adherence to the original specifications and designs envisioned by Joseph Pilates. The equipment in this collection is meticulously crafted to replicate the functionality and aesthetic of the apparatus used in the early 20th century. This dedication to tradition ensures that practitioners can experience Pilates as it was intended, with all the benefits of precision, breath, flow, centering, concentration, and control. 

Key Features of the Align-Pilates Classical Equipment Collection

The Align-Pilates Classical Equipment collection stands out for its quality, durability, and adherence to classical Pilates principles. Here are some of the key features that make this collection a must-have for serious Pilates practitioners:

  1. Authentic Design

Every piece of equipment in the collection is designed to meet the original specifications laid out by Joseph Pilates. This includes the:

  • Dimensions
  • Style
  • Mechanics that are essential for executing classical Pilates exercises correctly
  1. High-Quality Materials

This New Collection uses premium materials to ensure longevity and performance. From robust aluminium and wooden frames to high-tensile springs, each component is selected for its durability and functionality, providing a reliable and effective workout experience.

  1. Precision Engineering

The Align-Pilates Classical Equipment set was engineered with the preservation of the classical repertoire in mind. This Collection has been designed to:
  • Engage resistance promoting good form and muscle engagement
  • Adhere to the principals of traditional Pilates

This is critical for ensuring the integrity of each exercise and allowing practitioners to concentrate on their form, control and alignment as they work through the Pilates Method.

  1. Accessibility

The Align-Pilates Classical Equipment collection makes classical Pilates apparatus more accessible in Australia. By offering high-quality equipment at an affordable price point with shorter wait times, we aim to make the authentic Pilates experience available to a broader range of practitioners and studios.

Featured Equipment in the Collection:

The 86” Classical Reformer

The Classical Reformer is the cornerstone of any Pilates practice. The Align-Pilates Classical Reformer features:

  • Traditional carriage dimensions
  • Aluminium frame
  • Optional Upholstery Customisation. Choose from a range of colours and customise your upholstery to suit your studio or home aesthetic.

This piece of equipment is perfect for executing the full repertoire of Reformer exercises with precision and fluidity.

The Classical Cadillac

The Cadillac is a versatile apparatus that allows for a wide range of exercises. The Align-Pilates Classical Cadillac features:

  • Sturdy aluminium construction
  • Adjustable settings
  • Range of accessories including, Kuna Board, Leg Springs, Arm Springs, Two pairs of Push Through Springs (bottom and top), Rollback Bar, and more

The Classical Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair is a compact yet powerful piece of equipment. The Align-Pilates Classical Wunda Chair maintains the classic design and is specifically engineered to improve three key aspects of Pilates: strength, flexibility, and control.

The Classical Ladder Barrel

 The Ladder Barrel is essential for deep stretching and strengthening exercises. The Align-Pilates Classical Ladder Barrel features:

  • An adjustable, Maplewood, waist-high frame
  • A semi-circular padded mat on one end
  • Two posts with rungs between on the opposite end

Why Choose Align-Pilates Classical Equipment?

Choosing Align-Pilates Classical Equipment means committing to a high standard of quality and authenticity in your Pilates practice.

The Align-Pilates Classical Equipment collection is a testament to the timeless principles of Pilates. By choosing this collection, you are investing in apparatus that is not simply a replica of the original design, but also enhanced for continued strength and longevity to guarantee a lifetime investment.

The look and feel of Align-Pilates Classical Apparatus will inspire all levels of classically trained instructors. Whether you’re a studio owner looking to offer your clients the best or a home practitioner dedicated to your Pilates journey, the Align-Pilates Classical Equipment collection is the perfect choice.


Explore the collection today and experience the true essence of Pilates. Embrace the tradition and elevate your practice with Align-Pilates Australia.