5 Things To Consider When Choosing Pilates Equipment

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Pilates Equipment

Buying a Pilates Reformer or other Pilates equipment can be a daunting task with so many options, brands and models.

To make this task simpler, we believe that five key factors are necessary to consider when you are looking to buy a Pilates Reformer.

When comparing different Reformers, the main consideration is to match both the features you would like, with your affordability.

1. Is the Reformer going to be used in your Studio or at Home?

The Align Pilates range of Pilates Reformers varies between commercial and home grade. While the components for each of the Reformers (ie springs, ropes etc) are all the same, the main difference is that a commercial grade Reformer offers more technically advanced features that are not available on the home reformers such as moveable spring bars, more adjustment of the foot bar etc. You can find all these features in the ‘description’ box under each reformer on our website.

2. Are you looking to regularly move, stack or store your Reformer?

Pilates Reformers can be heavy pieces of equipment, hence, if you are unable to create a permanent placement for your equipment, you will require a Reformer that can be easily mobile. Our most compact Pilates Reformer in our home range is the Align-Pilates F2 Foldable Reformer. The H1 Reformer can also be stood up with the freestanding legs. The Align-Pilates C8 Pro Series can be stacked in its original mode. The C8 reformer is easily wheelable and can be stood up with the addition of the optional freestanding legs or extension legs.

3. Who will be using the Reformer? Are you looking to cater for a wide range of individuals?

Whether for home use or studio use, you need to consider the height and weight of the individuals who will be using the Pilates Reformer. For example, the A8 reformer having the longest travel of any standard Pilates Reformer at 113 cm – offers more suitability to a wider variety of people, plus its heavy-duty construction offers a maximum user weight of 150 kg. 

4. Will you need other Pilates Equipment or accessories?

Boxes, Pilates rings, exer-soft balls, toning balls, and Reformer mattresses, are just some of the options available to add to your purchase along with your Pilates Reformer.

5. How high do I need the Reformer to be?

When buying a Pilates Reformer, consider whether or not extension legs are going to be a required addition. Extension legs are available on the H1, C8 and A8 reformer and can raise the Reformer higher off the ground to make it easier getting on and off the Pilates Equipment.

 If you need to gather more information or prefer to speak to one of our team members, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@pilatesreformersaustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 107 331, and we’ll be happy to help.