Pilates Poles

Roll Up Pole
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The Align-Pilates Roll Up Pole will compliment and enhance the Pilates exercise methods created by Joseph Pilates.Used in conjunction with your reformer, helps in supporting and stabilizing your entire body and increasing your sense of poise and control.The pole assists in standing exercises, allowing you to concentrate on single-leg exercises without loss of balance.Generally used with an Align-Pilates Sitting Box (Available separately) The Pole is used in our Sitting Box DVD
Pilates Gondola Pole
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The Align-Pilates Gondola Pole is perfect for aiding balance when performing standing work on the Reformer. Solid maple pole with beeswax finish and anti-slip rubber end caps to provide firm grip on the floor.Product details:Dimensions: 152cm (60″) x 3.0cmMaterial: Solid maple pole with rubber end caps