Pilates Barrels

The Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel
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The Ladder Barrel is designed to operate the core muscles. It challenges the postural muscles with emphasis on strengthening and improving the range of movement, whilst developing spinal flexibility and lengthening the muscles.Exercises performed on this equipment challenge the abdominal and waist muscles and strengthen the spinal cord, whilst improving flexibility.
Spine Corrector Barrel
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BACK IN STOCK January 2020 The modular step barrel from Align-Pilates (also known as a 'spine corrector') adds extensively to the core functionality of the traditional step barrel, which has long been known to help improve posture by lengthening and strengthening the back, feet and shoulder muscles.
The Align-Pilates Baby Arc Barrel
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Please note : This product is now finished as it is incoporated in our new Modular Step Barrel. Arc barrels are great for adding an extra dimension to mat work classes, offering various workout possibilities that help to improve the posture, lengthen and strengthen the back, feet and shoulder muscles.