Professional Air Rower
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EFFECTIVE AEROBIC EXERCISE The latest from ReNagade using digital controls.Using the Renegade air rowing machine at home can have great physical benefits. It provides a good aerobic workout since you are using your entire body and can exercise as vigorously as you want; you can also go at your own pace if you need to work your way up to a better level of physical fitness. When you use air as your resistance mechanism you increase or decrease the resistance according to your own efforts, which means you have a lot less chance of overdoing it or injuring yourself.
Planking Handles
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The Align-Pilates Plank Handles are an excellent addition to any A2, C, F, or H model Reformer. Or it can even fit our Wunda Chair ! The Planking Handles are rotatable so they go face in four different heights and directions. Offering 16 different positions.
Stamina® Wirk Orbit Strider
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Feeling the pain from sitting all day? Looking for the perfect office gift? The Wirk Strider fits nicely under your desk and will support your legs whilst allowing them to move backwards, forwards and sideways. Keep the blood flowing through the legs and knees conveniently with this compact office strider. 
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The Fuse Ladder appeals to students and teachers who want a resistance or bodyweight-training, functional fitness workout that’s tough, unique, and ever-changing. The Fuse Ladder is less expensive than reformers or weight machines and takes up much less space. Further, the same space that hosts Ladder classes can be used for mat-based classes, doubling your Studio’s offering.The Fuse Ladder is considered a powerhouse of a workout with major appeal plus, it’s unbelievably fun, capturing moves you haven’t done since you were a kid on the playground. With a focus on standing work (and climbing and hanging), it’s the perfect antidote to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live. Click here to:  See our Course Check it out on Instagram 
AeroPilates 5 Cord Reformer
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NOW BACK IN STOCK! ( please note that we no longer stock the stands) More customisation means burning more fat. Now this ‘new’ AeroPilates Reformer with 5 Cords will make your workout as intense or easy as you desire.Using more cords is harder on the major mobilizing muscles while fewer cords make the exercise more intense on the core. You can with the Aeropilate 5 cord reformer, then further customise your workout by utilizing either the wider, flared FootBar or AeroPilates’ taller Cardio Re bounder. Please note : Current batch has a white stand and NOT black as pictured.
Home Workout Pack
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Take your home workouts to the next level with our Align-Pilates Home Workout Pack!  Includes: 1 x 15mm Floor Mat  1 x Pilates Ring - Double Handle  1 x 7" Exer-Soft Ball  1 x Level 2 Resistance Band 1 x Online Mat Pilates Workout Video