Wunda Chair - Split Pedal

Align-Pilates Split Pedal Wunda Chair
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The Combo Chair III  (NEW) The latest iteration of Align-Pilates' popular wunda chair!  Though looking similar to its predecessor, the Combo Chair III features a number of Patented enhancements to refine the smoothness and quietness of operation, taking this chair to new levels. The new features include a new pedal locking mechanism, revised pedal axle with roller bearings, new rubber coated silent spring hooks, and chromed spring tree for improved durability.
AeroPilates Wunda Chair
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Traditional Pilates Redefined The AeroPilates Precision Series Pilates Chair is a compact, versatile and all-in-one outlet for building the sculpted body you desire. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates (commonly referred to as “wunda”) chair aims to provide a low-impact, gentle solution for toning the entire body, burning calories and improving functional strength. The Precision Series Pilates Chair improves upon Joseph Pilates’ original design by offering a number of comfort and performance-enhancing features.