Align Pilates M2 Pro Professional Pilates Reformer

Align-Pilates M2 Pro

The M2-Pro has been designed for studio, rehab or private use, with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility in use. The reformer comes complete with a removable maple standing platform, an upholstered jump board is also available, which is interchangeable with the standing platform.

Align-Pilates M2 Wood Reformer
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XXX   DUE BACK IN STOCK JUNE 2020   XXX Satisfies CE test – ISO9057-1 at V trust Labs. (Don't purchase a Wooden Reformer without this) Featuring our own  unique moulded wheels  which reduces friction and flat spotting, allowing for the smoothest possible and amazingly quiet ride. The Align-Pilates M2 Pro Reformer® sets a new standard in comfort and longevity. Encompassing craftsmanship internal and external, the M2 Pro Reformer manufactured from American Maple, gauranteeing the strength needed for heavy commercial use. (Not Beechwood) Easy to use and appealing to the eye of those looking for a traditional look.