AeroPilates Pull Up Bar

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More Versatility, More Possibilities
To add more versatility to your Pilates reformer and workout, invest in the AeroPilates Pull-Up Bar. Strengthen and sculpt your upper body by targeting the back, shoulders, biceps and triceps with the same machine that also engages your core, lower body and builds cardiovascular endurance. Use one, two, three or four cords to make the pull-ups easier or more difficult

Attaching the AeroPilates Pull-Up Bar is just as easy as our other AeroPilates accessories. Simply loosen the locking knobs to remove the pulley risers, insert the bar attachment and re-tighten the locking knobs.

This does not fit on the 55-5556 or 55-5557. Will only Fit AeroPilates which currently have Pulley Riser Poles.


    Adds more upper body strength exercises to your usual reformer routine
    Fits three, four, and five cord AeroPilates reformers that have pulley risers (does not fit the 55-5556 or the 55-5557)
    Easily attaches and detaches
    Sturdy steel frame
    Padded grip
    Workout Guide included

pull up bar

Data sheet

Steel frame
Comfort Elements
Padded Grip
Some assembly required
3.8 cm x 76.2 cm x 45.7 cm


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