Cert IV in Contemporary Pilates

The 52855 Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology covers the essential skills and knowledge for executing and instructing Pilates exercises and programs in a safe, effective and contemporary manner applying sound knowledge of the philosophical and mechanical Pilates principles, fundamental anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, Neuromuscular fundamentals Structural Kinesiology, as well as specific teaching methodology.

On completion of the Certificate IV you will be able to demonstrate a range of well-developed skills applicable in health and fitness settings.  

Work at this level may be undertaken independently or under guidance and/or supervision.

Course Qualification

On successful completion of this course you will be awarded the 52855 Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology.

Online Learning - 30 hours

Classroom Delivery - 60 hours + 20 hours additional student clinics

Self Study - 180 hours (min of 1 hr / day over duration of the course)

Observation Hours - 10 hours

Personal Practice - 50 hours

Clinical Practice - 50 hours

Total Hours - 400 hours

Course Duration - 6 months

Course Dates

2021 - 1-2 May, 29-30 May, 26-27 June, 17-18 July & 14-15 Aug 2021

Prequisites - 30 hrs Pilates Practice (min) and capable of undertaking Pilates Repertoire.

Cost - $4250.00

Diploma Option - If you have successfully completed this course and you would like to upgrade to the Diploma Pilates Instructor Course please send an email and information will be provided. E: info@pilatesreformersaustralia.com.au