Pilates Reformers Australia

Pilates Reformer Australia

Established in 2008, we are the leading supplier of Pilates Equipment and are now the sole distributor of Align-Pilates, Aeropilates, Toesox and 2XL Wipes Australia wide.

Providing the complete solution to all home and studio needs, we supply a comprehensive range of reformers and apparatus, fitness equipment and instructor training.

With many years of industry experience, from product R & D right through to end use delivery and maintenance, we have the knowledge and experience to correctly cater to all of our customers needs.

Why buy your preferred equipment from Pilates Reformer Australia?

At Pilates Reformers Australia, we preserve the genius and integrity of Joseph Pilates' reformer equipment designs & integrate them with modern technology. Made from sustainable wood as well as including innovative metal designs, the range of pilates machines we deliver has cutting-edge versatility, safety and product performance. Many of our brands are manufactured to the ISO standards.

Choose the perfect Pilates Reformer machine for you!

Pilates Reformer Machines come in several heights, sizes and styles. It is important to select a reformer machine that suits your body size, type and requirements. We have a wide range of pilates reformers for sale to suit your needs whether you are a growing Pilates Studio or a home pilates enthusiast. Coupled with our renowned customer service, industry leading warranties on our equipment position us as the market leader in Pilates equipment.