Strength Work

Stamina® InTone® Plus 38″ Rebounder
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Look better, feel better, and experience more energy with the Stamina® InTone® Plus 38• Rebounder. The perfect cardiovascular workout for the beginner to advanced fitness aficionado, this Pilates equipment is designed to be fun and low impact. Two resistance tubes with padded foam handles help build upper body strength and sculpt your chest, back, and arms.
Stamina X Air Rower – 35-1412
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CHEAP SHIPPING - The Stamina X Air Rower is not like any other piece of gym equipment in your home or gym. Designed to push your body to a whole new level of fitness. Not for the faint hearted, the Stamina X Air Rower is recommended by trainers worldwide. Rowing is a high-intensity workout that increases your cardiovascular fitness and strengthens your whole body. The Stamina X Air Rower is the perfect piece of home gym equipment for such a rigorous exercise.